More than 300,000 employees lose their job each “due to mental health problems”

Some 300,000 people lose their jobs each year due to mental health problems, costing employers some £42 billion, and the economy up to £99 billion.

But despite this, talking about mental health in the workplace still remains a “taboo”.

According to a new review, for every £1 an employer puts into a mental health scheme at work, they receive £9 back in added productivity and employee retention.

Chief executive of mental health charity Mind, Paul Farmer, said: “We found that in many workplaces, mental health is still a taboo subject and that opportunities are missed to prevent poor mental health and ensure employees who may be struggling to get the support they need.

“In many instances employers simply don’t understand the crucial role they can play, or know where to go for advice and support.”

Mr Farmer, who authored the report alongside the former HBOS chairman, Lord Dennis Stevenson, called on employers to implement six core mental health strategies at work. These include:

  • Producing a mental health plan
  • Working to develop mental health awareness among employees
  • Ensuring employees are working on condition conducive to good mental health

Mr Stevenson added: “We need the right leadership among employers in the public, private and voluntary sectors, and a mandate from policymakers to deliver our ambitious but achievable plan.

“It’s time for every employer to recognise their responsibilities and affect change, so that the UK becomes a world leader in workplace wellbeing for all staff and in supporting people with mental health problems to thrive at work.”

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