Brave woman explores mental health experiences in new poetry book

A brave UK woman has published an eye-opening poetry book exploring her experiences with anxiety, depression and mental health.

Nia Harries, East Yorkshire, is hoping to raise awareness of common mental health struggles, alongside perhaps lesser-known conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Her self-published poetry collection, Walking Through the Shadows, charts her experiences growing up with depression and how this affected her during her teenage years.

“I wanted to share my own journey through poetry, in the hope that others realise they aren’t alone in feeling and experiencing these things while dealing with their mental health struggles,” she said.

Ms Harries voiced concerns that despite ever-increasing awareness of mental health in recent years, much still needs to be done to reduce the perceived stigma attached to many mental health conditions.

She added that she is hoping her book will raise money for mental health charity Second Thoughts East Yorkshire (STEY).

Greg Harman, Founder and Chairman of the charity, described Ms Harries’ work as “inspirational” and “thought-provoking,” adding that it should “give hope to others” living with various mental health conditions in the UK.

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