Care Pathways/ Continuing service for life

At Holmleigh Care, we recognise the importance of offering a continuing service for life and it is this philosophy / service that enables our Service Users to effectively progress from residential care into supported living and then into their own home with their own tenancy.

When the time is right and they have developed the necessary life skills and confidence to move onto the next stage of their care pathway, their key worker, co key worker and day services are able to move with them. This consistency of transition means that the move is more likely to succeed as the trauma of the move is greatly reduced.

path Residential Care Supported Living Domiciliary Home Care

Apart from moving to a new home the only thing that really changes is that the level of support required is reduced with each move.  At each stage of progression the Service User continues to become more independent and it is possible to reduce the level of support and cost of care.  This can only be positive for all involved.

We continue to grow our business and reputation by consistently delivering positive outcomes and reduced care needs for our Service Users.

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