Can Reddit remedy mental illness?

23 Apr 2018

A new study has looked into the potential benefits of using the social platform Reddit for finding help and advice on mental illness.

Can diet impact on mental health?

20 Apr 2018

We’ve all heard the expression: “you are what you eat”. But new research has delved deeper into this theory and revealed that the types of food consumed can also have a positive or negative impact on our mental health.

TV star opens up about anxiety and insomnia

11 Apr 2018

A television star who recently appeared on popular BBC dance contest Strictly Come Dancing has opened up about how being in the limelight has affected her mental health.

Autistic actor stars in eye-opening new film

4 Apr 2018

A British actor living with autism has starred in a brand new film which explores the nuances of the condition and how autistic people will often feel ‘judged’ by the actions of others.