College features in BBC season questioning attitudes to disability

A Gloucestershire college which specifically caters for those with disabilities has been the focus of a recent BBC3 series.

The Unbreakables aired last month and was part of the channel’s Defying the Label season, which has aimed to tackle many of the misconceptions surrounding disability.

The documentary introduced viewers to some of the 170 young adults who attend the National Star College, in Cheltenham.

Former student Morgan Jones said: “Going to a college of disabled people was life-changing for me.

“In secondary school I was very lonely and isolated. I was seen just as a disabled person, and I think most people were scared of getting to know me.

“I was left out of a lot of things – for example, all my peers were able to go by coach to the leavers’ celebration but, as I’m a wheelchair-user, I had to go separately with my support worker.

“When I moved to the specialist college the opportunities I was given were so much better.”

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