Man’s 450-mile challenge in aid of mental health charity

A UK man has pledged to take on a 450-mile charity challenge in aid of a prominent mental health charity.

Ben Davis, Harrogate, is gearing up to run hundreds of miles across the perimeter of Yorkshire, traversing heights of more than 40,000 ft of elevation along the way.

The keen runner will be taking on the challenge in his efforts to raise money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), a prominent charity dedicated to tackling the problem of male suicide in the UK.

Mr Davis’ decision to push himself to the limit follows his own experiences with mental health issues over the years, which have inspired him to stand up and try to make a difference.

He claims that discovering running has ‘changed his life’ – and therefore it makes perfect sense to do a charity run in a bid to raise awareness of mental health.

“I started running a couple of years ago,” he said.

“Running has changed my life, and me.

“I started out about five stone heavier than I am now and smoking a couple of packets a day. Last year, I ran six marathons and now it’s time to up the stakes,” he said.

“I wondered what was the biggest lap I could run around my home town? Then it came to me; a lap of Yorkshire!”

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