One million people to be taught basic mental health “first aid” skills

More than one million people are due to receive basic mental health training as part of the Government’s new multi-million pound programme.

The scheme will “improve resilience and help people recognise and respond effectively to signs of mental health problems in others,” said mental health charity Mind, in response to the news.

The campaign will be delivered by Public Health England. It will help people to assess the mental health of others – as well as their own – and learn basic techniques to reduce stress and improve emotional resilience.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: “I want to use the power of government as a force for good to transform the way we deal with mental health problems right across society, and at every stage of life.

“Tackling the injustice and reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions is a priority for me, which is why today I set the goal of providing 1 million members of the public with basic mental health awareness and first aid.”

Commenting on the news, Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, the mental health charity said: “We welcome the news that up to a million people across England will be helped to improve their understanding of mental health. While the national conversation around mental health is much more open than ever before, initiatives like this should help address the importance of helping all of us to understand mental health.”

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