Monthly Archives: July 2021

Understanding ‘Stimming’ and Autism

21 Jul 2021

Self-stimulatory behaviour, otherwise known as stimming, is the repetitive movement of the body or objects and can be trait of those with autism and developmental disabilities or challenges. Stimming can be triggered when people are happy, excited, bored, stressed, anxious… Read more »

Day in the Life of…

21 Jul 2021

NAME: Kelli Holmes-Penn JOB TITLE: Deputy Manager Hayburn House How long have you worked in the caring profession? I started in care in 2007, I worked for the same company for nearly 12 years, I then took a year out… Read more »

Supported Living

9 Jul 2021

‘Supported Living’ and ‘Residential Care’ are the two forms of support that are commonly offered to people with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Behaviours of concern, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health, Epilepsy, Complex Needs, and those requiring nursing care. It can be confusing… Read more »