Boy who battled epileptic seizures to feature on CBBC show

A schoolboy who underwent brain surgery to treat his epilepsy is to feature in a popular children’s documentary series next week.

The next instalment of Operation Ouch – to be screened on Monday (January 25th) – will tell the story of 11-year-old Ben Housecroft.

Ben’s parents had become concerned when he started to suffer seizures and subsequent scans revealed that he had a suspected cavernoma – a bundle of blood vessels in his brain which was the apparent cause of his symptoms.

The family were referred to a specialist epilepsy centre and advised that surgery was the best option.

Ben’s father Craig said: “Without medication, Ben was on about seven seizures a day, and with medication, he was still having two or three a day.

“Although the medication was doing something to reduce his seizures, it wasn’t controlling his epilepsy.”

The surgical procedure took place in May last year, with medics discovering that the “cavernoma” was in fact a low-grade tumour. Fortunately the growth was fully removed and Ben is now being weaned off the drugs that he was having to take to manage his symptoms.

Ben, who was already a fan of the CBBC series, was delighted to be asked to take part in the programme and his family hope that his story will help raise awareness among others living with epilepsy.

The Operation Ouch episode featuring Ben will be shown at 5pm.

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