Career Wizard

In each of the following questions, please click on one answer

1) What qualities do you think you need to work for Holmleigh Care?
Seeing each person Holmleigh Care supports as an individual and being happy working as part of a team
Knowing what’s best for other people and sticking to established ways of doing things
Liking every day to be the same and wanting a quiet life
2) Experience: which of the following statements do you agree with?
I have never worked in care before, so I couldn’t work at Holmleigh Care.
I have never worked in care before but Holmleigh Care would provide me with training so that I could do the job properly.
I have worked in care before and Holmleigh Care sounds like a place where there are lots of opportunities to progress.
3) Independence: which of the following statements do you agree with?
Some service users need so much support that it’s just easier to do everything for them – it would take too much time to help them to learn how to do even little things.
I don’t think some service users will ever be very independent but I should support them to carry on doing what they already can.
I would work with each service user to support them to be as independent aspossible, including learning new skills – something as simple as making a cup of tea could make a really big difference to someone who has never been able to do that before.
4) Making Holmleigh Cares: which of the following statements do you agree with?
Service users can sometimes find it more difficult than some other people to make decisions so you may have to help them.
Service users can make their own decisions and you need to respect their Holmleigh Cares.
They can’t make their own decisions so I would have to do it for them.
5) Dignity and respect: which of the following statements do you agree with (just choose one)?
I wouldn’t always need to knock on a service user’s bedroom door before I go in.
I would treat service users in the same way that I would like to be treated myself.
It would OK to discuss to talk about my service users outside work with my friends, if they were interested in my work.
If I got on well with a service user, it would be OK to borrow money from them.
I would talk to service users like I would anybody else. Even when someone can’t talk back to me, it doesn’t mean they can’t understand what I am saying.
I can shout at service users if they are doing something I don’t think they should.
6) Working at Holmleigh Care: which of the following statements do you agree with?
It sounds as though it would be really hard work and not much fun.
Some days would be more difficult than others but it sounds as though it could be more interesting than a 9-5 office job.
It sounds like a job where not two days are the same and I could really make a positive difference to people’s lives.