Do you have this new social anxiety, fobo?

The Fear of Better Options (Fobo) is a painfully modern social anxiety where individuals are paralysed by indecision, confused by choice and unable to commit.

Fobo has the potential to stifle everything from dinner plans to career progression, wardrobes to new relationships.

Fobo doesn’t care whether you’re trying to make a minor decision or a life-changing one; it will leave you overwhelmed by the plethora of options available.

Here are the six main signs that you may have Fobo:

  1. You have a non-committal calendar

Your inability to either say “no” to an event or fully commit to one means there are numerous potential labels on your calendar with some days featuring four or more options, all of which will be narrowed down “nearer the time.”

  1. You stare at the Netflix menu page

You have found a night to stay in, managed to choose something to eat from all the options on the Deliveroo menu; but now just have to find something to watch.

You open Netflix and can’t decide, so after three hours of scrolling, you give up and go to bed.

  1. You’re always dressed for anything and nothing

The inability to choose between events means it is difficult to make an obvious wardrobe ensemble. The reality isn’t that you’re prepared for anything; it’s that you’re prepared for nothing.

  1. You are thoroughly organised for Christmas

Over the festive period, you will be trying to fit in a host of events from midnight mass, seeing your parent’s first thing the next morning, cooking lunch for your in-laws, going for a walk with your siblings and seeing the Queen’s Speech with your nan.

However, due to a breakdown over a minor decision, you won’t be going anywhere.

  1. You’ve turned down your dream job multiple times

Despite the salary and role being right, with good scope for progression and it’s a company you’ve always dreamed of working for, you turn it down because something was ‘off’ and you’ll see what comes up in the next few months.

  1. You have a dedicated receipts folder

The folder of receipts is for everything you’ve bought over the past 28 days, and the new items brought will still have the label on because you just never know, do you?

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