Epilepsy is being put forward as part of political agenda

Angela Geer, chief executive of the Epilepsy Society, will soon be meeting with MPs at the next Conservative party conference, in order to discuss epilepsy and how to get it at the forefront of UK politics.

Part of the discussion will focus on how people with epilepsy need a greater level of support from the Government as well as people in policymaking roles across Europe.

Ms Geer, who has led the Epilepsy Society since April 2014, will be joined by the Society’s chair – Helen Pernelet – at the Manchester conference next week.

They want to ensure that people with the condition are granted access to the revolutionary medical advances currently being made via clinical research, in addition to suggesting improvements for how the NHS should treat people with epilepsy.

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), in conjunction with the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE), have published a report which stresses that support from politicians and decision makers is needed across all member states of the EU.

Published in the journal Epilepsia, the report includes three key aims: To reduce the stigma attached to epilepsy, and the burden of the condition; to improve overall access to care for patients; and to outline research priorities across Europe.

Among the research areas that have been marked as a priority for discussion are understanding epilepsy in the developing brain as well as identifying new cures and prevention strategies for the condition.

There will also be an emphasis on understanding the relationship between epilepsy and other conditions, particularly those related to mental health and the ageing process.

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