Mind is calling upon the Government to address mental health in the Budget

The mental health organisation, Mind, states that they are hoping the necessary funding for mental health services is announced in the Budget today.

Whilst the concerns around coronavirus will enforce pressure on the Budget, there are ongoing issues for people with mental health issues – some of which are increasing during this outbreak. A study has suggested that one in four people are living with a mental health issue. Therefore, the funding would contribute to a large number of people within our society and the staff that takes care of them.

Where will the funding go?

Redesigning the NHS buildings

There is an urgent need for improvements to be made on NHS facilities. Mind has stated that these neglected NHS mental health buildings are interfering with patients’ recovery and increasing the risk of suicide. The design of some buildings fails to stop patients from taking their lives and do not provide a therapeutic environment for the patients and staff.

In addition, mixed-sex dormitory wards are still being used – which increase the danger of sexual assault.

NHS staff

Mind is calling upon the Government to increase funding for the NHS workforce. Recruiting more staff is vital, now more than ever. The mental health wards, in particular, are experiencing a shortage of staff, as many have been forced to leave due to the pressures they face at work.

They state that the NHS lacks proper planning and that there are too many obstacles for staff in mental health wards to be able to work efficiently.

With this funding, the NHS will be able to recruit additional staff and also provide them with sufficient training.

There is also cause for concern over the potential staff sickness – due to coronavirus.

Statutory Sick Pay

A three-day wait for statutory sick pay has reportedly made many workers avoid taking time off. This has since been recognised as harmful by the Government, who have lifted this temporarily, for those who have been exposed to coronavirus.

Mind expects the Government to commit in its Budget to improving Statutory Sick Pay for everyone – asking for this wait to be lifted permanently.

People living with mental health have been forced to return to work, whilst they are unwell, due to concerns around them being fired. This is causing many to relapse under the pressure.

Universal Credit

Many people with mental health problems rely on the benefits system to support them. Mind states that benefits should be made available to support anyone who needs them and keep them out of poverty during recovery.

However, the process of receiving Universal Credit has caused anxiety amongst those with mental health issues. The assessment process asks people to recount traumatic events, which is known to interfere with recovery and make vulnerable people’s mental health problems worsen. In addition, you have to wait five weeks to receive the first payment.

For more information about the services we provide for those living with mental health and how we can help to achieve such positive outcomes for the people we are privileged to support, please contact us.

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