Staff Testimonials

“I would just like to thank you for everything you and your amazing team of staff have done for me and my confidence. When coming into Holmleigh I had extremely bad anxiety, and was very quiet and didn’t feel like I quite fit in. But thanks to yours, Lyttice and the rest of the friendly staff support you made me completely come out my shell, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity you had given me, and I’m so grateful for all the amazing memories with the service users.”

– Joanne

“I started working with Holmleigh in 2009 managing two small residential care homes for 5 years. It was a step up from my previous job as a senior of a large supported living home in Gloucester. Going from supported living to residential care was a leap I wanted to make so that I could learn about other areas within the care sector. As residential care is quite different to supported living in terms of how it is regulated I was provided with a mentor who helped to ease my transition.

Although initially I found the step up quite daunting what I found was a very supportive network of colleagues from our quality assurance manager, staff members, other managers to the directors who all helped bridge gaps in my knowledge to help me provide excellent care for the people we work for and look after. I feel everybody’s door is open and this is something I can
hopefully reciprocate to others to help with their progression and development. I am currently working back in supported living overseeing some of our sites in Gloucestershire.

Something I feel that Holmleigh Care Homes really does do well is to help people along their career development path by providing good advice, relevant training and crucially, opportunities – to move in their chosen direction.”

– Joe Algeroy

“I began working for Care At Home Swindon in September 2015 and I can honestly say they are a fantastic company to work for. They have made me feel very welcome and a valued member of the team.

The training I have received has been of a very high standard and has been delivered with tremendous support which is ongoing and has enabled me to develop at a manageable pace and grow in new skills and also in confidence.

I gained my NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care in a previous employment but have recently completed and gained The Care Certificate which has been a great help so much so that I have been able to take on more responsibility by becoming part of the on call team. I was over the moon to be asked to take on this role because it’s an opportunity to develop my skills further.”

– Tracy Holder

“I started working for the company in 2008. I was new to care, care work was something I always wanted to do but was not sure if support worker was my future chosen career.

With the right training, development and support I have developed from a carer to an acting senior deputy manager.”

– Luticce Wallace

“Since beginning at Hunters Moon in May 2016 I have been welcomed by all the staff so much so it felt like i had always been a part of the team. They have offered so much help and support during the first few months which has helped me build some great bonds with Service Users and staff alike.

I look forward to a long and fulfilling future with Holmleigh Care.”

– Anthony Hill