Women’s mental health to become a “top priority”, says Government

The Government will make women’s mental health a “top priority”, a new report has revealed.

The Women’s Mental Health Taskforce final report has been published in response to evidence of “deteriorating mental health among women” and “poor outcomes for those using support services”.

It shows that the influence of women’s roles as mothers and carers on their needs is rarely considered in the care they receive, as well as the specific conditions which mainly affect women.

These include issues such as eating disorders and self-harm, which are more common among women and girls than men and boys.

The report outlines a series of recommendations, such as clearly considering women’s needs in all future mental health policy development, improving trauma-informed care, supporting routine enquiry about violence and abuse in future policy development and using the principles of the taskforce to inform service design and delivery for women’s mental health.

Commenting on the report, Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price said: “Women are more likely to experience common mental health conditions than men – this is particularly stark among young women, who are three times more likely than young men to experience a common mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression.

“Yet, too often, we hear stories of women who describe feeling powerless when it comes to their mental health treatment, those who feel neglected by inadequate aftercare or, more alarmingly, those who feel at risk in inpatient services, whether that’s because of breaches in single-sex wards or the fear of restraint or observations by male staff members.”

The report can be read in full here.

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