World Mental Health Day: 3 tips to take care of your mental well-being

Today marks World Mental Health Day; not only is today important for awareness reasons, but it is also an excuse for you to think about how you can help your own mental health.

The awareness day has become increasingly important, as mental health issues are prevalent amongst the stresses of modern society.

With dementia on the rise, and nearly 20 per cent of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression, here are three tips on how you can deal with stress in your own life:

1.) Exercise regularly

If you have feelings of stress or anxiety, regular exercise can give you the same benefits as two hours of relaxation. This is due to the release of endorphins, which can greatly help your mental health.

2.) Talk about your worries

Sharing your concerns with a member of your family or friends is an important part to controlling stress and anxiety. Not only can it make your worries seem less daunting, but you may realise that you are not alone and have people supporting you.

3.) Practice meditation

Meditation can help you to relax both your mind and your body. It has been known to combat stress and help with sleeping. By doing this daily, you should feel benefits that will help your mental health long-term as well as your immediate stresses. There are numerous free meditation guides online to help you start your meditation routine.

If your stress or low mood is affecting your daily life, visit your GP who can offer advice, treatment or make the required referrals.

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